The Westchester-Putnam Workforce Development Board (WPWDB) Business Sector Partnership was developed by public and private sector leaders to help identify their workforce challenges and provide resources to support area employers in an increasingly demanding, dynamic and competitive market. The WPWDB Business Sector Partnership offers Westchester and Putnam County employers the opportunity to participate as members in seven key industry sectors, including the Hospitality Sector.

Hospitality Business Sector Partnership
Westchester and Putnam Counties are home to a flourishing hospitality industry made up of hotels, conference centers, country clubs, restaurants and other businesses that cater to area residents and businesses, visiting organizations and tourists. The Westchester-Putnam One-Stop Career Center, in partnership with Hospitality Resource Group, Inc. and the Westchester County Office of Tourism and Film, leads the Hospitality Sector partnership.

Hospitality Partnership: What We Do
Hospitality Business Sector Partners engage with their colleagues to identify workforce needs and develop education and training programs that are necessary to help them expand and grow their organizations.

Employer Resources
The Westchester-Putnam Business Sector Partnership provides employee recruitment, training and resources for worker retention and advancement. Services include:

Job Candidate Search/Screening

  • Employers can search for qualified candidates at the One-Stop Career Center
  • Sector Partner members may post open positions and view resumes of qualified candidates.

Employers may apply for funding to support new and/or incumbent worker training in three categories:

  • Customized Training: Training for individual business
  • On-the-Job (OJT) Training: Training for new employees (reduce training costs)
  • Business Sector Customized Training: A collaboration among businesses (minimum three) within an industry sector (for more information, click on the sector tab for your industry).

Sector Partner members engage with their colleagues and other Sector Industry members to develop best practices, recruit new employees and participate in career events.

The Hospitality Business Sector Partnership programs have included:

  • English as a Second Language Training: This program provided 10 area hotels with training tailored to support their need to improve communication among staff and management.
  • Supervisory and Management Skills for hospitality businesses:  Over 100 employees from the Crowne Plaza, Westchester Country Club, Westchester Marriott and Tarrytown House were trained onsite.
  • Action Planning, Sales, Supervisory and English Language Skills: The Westchester Hotel Association worked with members employers including the Crowne Plaza, Edith Macy, Westchester Country Club, Caperberry Events, Ritz Carlton, Westchester Marriott, Rye Town Hilton, Abigail Kirsch, Tarrytown House, and the IBM Learning Center to provide staff training for managers, supervisors and entry-level employees.

Hospitality Business Sector Partnership Employer Benefits
As a member of the Business Sector Partnership, employers are provided with access to resources that are only available to member of this unique public/private partnership. WPWDB Sector Partner Employer Member Benefits include:

  • Recruit skilled, diverse workers based on employer-defined standards
  • Leverage collective input from area business, not for profit, government and education community members
  • Develop employment opportunities and promote job growth
  • Access customized screening and assessment programs
  • Lower training costs for new and incumbent workers
  • Engage and participate in a network of area employers to promote best practices

 Hospitality employers that have participated in sector activities:

  • Marriott Westchester
  • Renaissance Westchester Hotel
  • The Ritz-Carlton Westchester
  • Hilton Rye Town
  • Doral Arrowwood
  • Sheraton
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Westchester Country Club
  • Edith Macy Conference Center
  • Hospitality Resource Group, Inc
  • Residence Inn
  • Inn on the Hudson

For more information, contact one of the Westchester/Putnam Healthcare Business Sector cochairs:

Robert Sanders
Hospitality Resource Group, Inc.
Phone: (914) 761-7111

Natasha Caputo
Westchester County Office of Tourism and Film
Phone: (914) 995-8502

If you feel your company fits the criteria, add your company to the Healthcare Sector.

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