Join Hire Westchester PutnamHow can I get started training Westchester or Putnam County residents today?

Contact our business services team at or (914) 995-4555. They are here to help you every step of the way.Join Hire Westchester-Putnam

Here is what you'll need to do:

Step 1: Create an account.
It only takes a couple of minutes. We just need some basic information about your business. 

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Step 2: Post a job.
Jobs must be full-time. The workers you hire must currently be unemployed and preference is given to residents of Westchester and Putnam counties. Our experienced Business Services team at the Westchester and Putnam One-Stop Career Centers are here to help you find the best possible talent to fill your job openings.

County Executive Rob Astorino with job creators who are cutting their training costs in half thanks to reimbursements from Hire Westchester-PutnamStep 3: Develop a training plan.
Our expert job developers are here to help you craft a comprehensive training plan for each of the employees or group of employees you plan to hire, including the length of the training and the skills to be learned.

Training usually falls into one of two categories: On-the-job training, also called OJT, which is geared towards a new hire to develop the skills and competencies needed for a specific job function, and customized training, which is geared towards an individual or a group of existing workers who need to develop specific skills and competencies to function in their jobs.

Step 4: Get 50 percent of your money back.
Apply for reimbursement of 50 percent of your training costs up to $20,000 for OJT and customized training. Eligible reimbursements include wages per worker for the customized training period as well as costs (cash or in-kind) associated with the training such as equipment or room rental. You will be asked to provide employment verification and backup documentation that include time sheets, payroll records, and other documentation.

How do I know if I qualify to join Hire Westchester-Putnam?
Each business must be in compliance with county, state and federal laws and regulations to be eligible to participate.

Get started now.

Read what others, who have joined Hire Westchester-Putnam and taken the steps to grow their small business, have to say:

hireInspiriaRonnie Ram, President, InspiriaMedia -- "County Executive Astorino's business friendly approach and One-Stop's job-readiness programs are helping our company grow. We're hiring two more people as a direct result of Hire Westchester's training dollars." 

Photo left to right: Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino, InspiriaMedia President Ronnie Ram, and InspiriaMedia Vice President Nick Simard

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Lisa Fasciani, Vice President, Connect One -- "Cable companies continuously update their technology, which requires our cable technicians to keep up through both customized and on-the-job-training. County Executive Rob Astorino's Hire Westchester is filling a serious need in the marketplace by helping to absorb some of the risk and the cost of this training." 

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Aron Myers, President, My Favorite Student -- "As a developing small business, we're thankful for the investment that County Executive Rob Astorino has already made in small business training programs. We've grown dramatically, because of them and we're continuing to stay ahead of the competition with the training and recruitment support from Hire Westchester."

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Hire Westchester-Putnam is a business support program funded by the Westchester-Putnam Workforce Development Board Agency.

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