On the Job Training reimbursement programPresented with an ever-evolving landscape, businesses in the healthcare sector need to be committed to identifying, hiring and retaining individuals with the skills and expertise to manage rapid change. When ENT & Allergy Associates (ENT), the largest ear, nose and throat allergy practice in the United States, employing over 200 physicians and 900 support staff with headquarters in Tarrytown, needed to hire several skilled employees, they turned to WPWDB.

According to Eric Saidel, Director of Human Resources for ENT, the federally-funded Jobs Waiting Program offered them the opportunity to quickly find and hire employees to work in their medical billing departments, accounting and call centers.

“The Jobs Waiting Program is what a partnership between government and business should look like,” stated Saidel. “Thanks to the structured six-week boot camp offered by Jobs Waiting, we knew that the candidates not only had the skills we were looking for, but the dedication to do a good job and be successful.”

In addition to identifying qualified candidates, ENT is taking advantage of two reimbursement programs provided by WPWDB — "Work Tryouts" which reimburses 100 percent of wages paid for up to six weeks so they can try the employees risk free, as well as the On the Job Training (OJT) program which subsidizes up to 90 percent of wages paid for up to six months while a new employee learns specific skills required for their new job. Reimbursement amounts vary depending upon the number of employees in the company and the company must execute an OJT contract with Westchester County. Businesses must pay the employee’s wages first and then be reimbursed by the County after providing an attendance record and proof of payment of the wages.

Health Company, Inc.* hires an LPN at $25 per hour for a 35-hour work week

6-months wages (50 percent) = ($25 X 35 X 24) weeks X .50 = $10,500 reimbursement

6-months wages (75 percent) = ($25 X 35 X 24) X .75 = $15,750 reimbursement

6-months wages (90 percent) = ($25 X 35 X 24) X .90 = $18,900 reimbursement

*Reimbursement rates: Business with 50 employees or less = 90 percent; 51–250 employees or less = 75 percent; 251+ employees = 50 percent.

“While we knew the candidates were well prepared, there is always the risk that it may not work out. Knowing that we were being reimbursed for their wages enabled us to easily commit to hiring those new employees,” stated Saidel.

Smaller businesses can also take advantage of these programs even if they are only looking to hire one new employee; and adding the 90 percent reimbursement component ensures they can try a new hire risk free.

“Jobs Waiting is a program that helps committed and motivated candidates, and the long-term unemployed, find jobs in the healthcare industry while allowing employers to take advantage of a pool of applicants as well as reimbursement funds available to train and hire vetted healthcare workers,” stated Donnovan Beckford, Director of the WPWDB. Beckford also noted that this program means individuals can get a commitment more quickly because the risk to the employer is lower.

The first step to taking advantage of these programs is registering and completing the agreement for reimbursement which is accomplished with the assistance of a designated WPWDB staff member whose job it is to streamline the paperwork. While it can take several weeks to receive the reimbursement, “it is well worth the effort,” stated Saidel who hired 13 new employees through the program. 


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